Marketing Again (Ideas Appreciated)

Almost four years ago, I wrote a blog post about the marketing I was planning for the chapbook that never appeared. It wasn't much. I can't really travel and don't have much money. Tooting my own horn isn't exactly comfortable for me (or a lot of us). But I've waited for years to see my poetry collection in print, so I'm going to give it everything possible.

Revisiting old points in my marketing plan (and adding more):

1. I will still change my blog with a tab for my book. I should also update my biography to mention my collection when it's out.

2. A virtual launch party is still something I want to do, but I have absolutely no idea how. I don't know if I want a Facebook author page, and I think I'll need one in order to most efficiently do a virtual party.

3. I really want to do a reading at the public library and might try to read at a couple of other libraries nearby. I'm not sure if I'll have the ability to travel beyond town, so this is up in the air. 

4. Will the B&N an hour from my apartment (if I can even get there) give me space for a book signing? We finally have a small bookstore in my town again, so it's possible that they might.

5. Is an in-person book launch party worth it? I probably don't have the money for it.

6. I'm going to contact a local newspaper to see if they want to do a human interest piece on my book. They might take the "inspo porn" route as I'm disabled, but it might help with local sales.

7. My publisher is going to help me set up a Goodreads author page and an Amazon page. 

8. Giveaways don't generally translate to sales, but I'm hoping the winner(s) will at least read the book.

9. I'm going to be using my social media (including the Instagram account I said I wouldn't get) to spread the word. I will read some poetry from the collection on my YouTube channel.


Other notes:

I'm immunocompromised, so COVID is a real threat whenever I go out in public. I must decide if each in-person event is worth the risk.

If I ever do make a newsletter, I'll probably quit blogging. Most people suggest writers start one. If I can't keep up both, is a newsletter the better option?

Are things like blog tours worth it? I'm uncertain. I kind of want to do one, but I also worry about posting enough interesting content to make each one worth the read.

There is no poetry community in my little town. I've attempted to start a group numerous times.


Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on book marketing on a budget or online? 

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