My Work (Free to Read)

Literary Poetry

"Lady in Blue" - Pen2Paper
"The Pain of Starting" - Red Earth Review
"Reflection on the Mortality of Beasts" - Banshee
"Misdirection" - Vinyl
Two Poems - Brine
"The Night He Cheats" - Algebra of Owls
"How We Grow Up" - Thimble Literary Magazine
"Another Failed LDR" - The Furious Gazelle
"Couple Phantoms (Columns)" - Middle House Review
Three Poems - Tipton Poetry Journal
"An Attempt at Capture" - Poets of the Midwest Contest
Two Poems - Fragmented Voices 
"Grief Tickles like a Hammer” - Sparks of Calliope
"Agony and Mass" - South Florida Poetry Journal
"Shaking Leaves" - Sylvia Magazine

Speculative Poetry

Four Poems - Blood Moon Rising
"Castle Csejthe (Bathory)" - Strange Horizons
"Fire Sprites" - Liquid Imagination
"Winter's Love for Spring" - Polu Texni
"Winged Monarch" - Polu Texni
"The Owl Child" - Apex Magazine
"The Leavings of Flame" - Eastern Iowa Review
"Diving In" - Lonesome October Lit
"Consumption" - Eye to the Telescope
Three Poems - Bleached Butterfly
"Sort of Beautiful" - Dark Elements  
Six Poems - Altered Reality
“Guests from the Place Where Darkness Eats” - The Chamber Magazine
"Inertia of the Noon Wraith" - Jersey Devil Press

Speculative Fiction

"Remote Control" - Lonesome October Lit
"Post Office Delivery" - Lonesome October Lit
Two Vignettes (listed as poetry) - New American Legends

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