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I'm always on the prowl for great online resources for writers.  Below are just some of what I've found.  Most (or all) should be free.
Please investigate before signing up for anything.  I've tried to be thorough but one never knows.
Remember:  If you post a work online, almost every publication considers it previously published.

1.  The Write Life's 100 Best Websites is a great place to start.  Then, poke around the site itself.
2.  Literary Social is a networking spot for writers, publishers, etc.
3.  Writers' Cafe is a another writing community.  Less professional vibe.
4.  This post on this blog gives market searches, submission trackers.
5.  Writers Weekly has articles, freelance markets, advice, and more. *Newsletter
6.  Cathy's Comps and Calls is an open Facebook community with calls for submissions.
7.  Places for Writers is for submissions with a focus on Canada.
8.  Manuscript Wishlist... what agents are looking for what work.  (Also #mswl on Twitter!)
9.  Free Flash Fiction Class from Holly Lisle.  Lasts three weeks.
10.  The Writer's Digest Youtube has a few free webinars (most are previews, though).
11.  Writers' Village Free Mini Master Class in fiction with no obligation...
12.  Best American Poetry Blog has articles, interviews, etc.
13.  Literary Rejections, no more needs saying, but there's more on the site.
14.  Book Riot has book articles and recommendations and bookish things.
15.  Choosy Bookworm has free and discount ebooks, some in exchange for reviews.
16.  Galley Cat has book news
17.  Writer Apps in Google Play
18.  Muffin: The Women On Writing Blog covers the writing life, reviews, etc.
19.  Writing World has inspiration, articles on crafting and more.
20.  Publishing Trends gives a roundup of five publishing articles weekly.
21.  Book Page has book reviews and sometimes interviews.
22.  Literistic a monthly newsletter for submission calls (free and paid versions).
23.  Authors Publish Magazine has quotes, articles, submissions calls.
24.  Helping Writers Become Authors has many posts on craft for novelists.
25.  BookBub is probably the most well-known discount/free eBook newsletter.
26.  Book Hearts is the sister-site to Choosy Bookworm.  More free/discount eBooks.
27.  The Fussy Librarian offers all FREE eBooks.  Also has a "constantly free" list.
28.  Ebook Daily for Kindle only.  Free Kindle eBooks in one newsletter, discount ones in another.
29.  Alliance of Independent Authors has an online conference, podcast, and more.  Great information for indie authors.
30.  Trish Hopkinson posts submission opportunities, editor interviews, etc. for poets!
31.  Funds for Writers is a newsletter (free, but there is a paid version) with markets, job listings, articles, and more.
32.  The Ultimate Freelance Writing Career Guide has advice, a list of organizations, and more. *Thank you to Gail Mandeville for this one!
33.  Kris Writes has a section on her blog which deals with publishing.  There are a LOT of articles.
34.  Entropy Magazine's Where to Submit is only updated every two months... but it has a tremendous amount of publication opportunities listed.
35. has free college classes (sans credit) for you to do at home.
36.  The Review Review has reviews of literary magazines, classifieds, and an awesome newsletter!
37.  Horror Tree has articles, markets, and more for horror writers.
38. Publisher's Weekly has book reviews, industry news, etc.  They have a subscription, but some of the information is free.
39.  Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art) is a closed Facebook group.  The title is self-explanatory.
40.  Jane Friedman's blog has posts on copyediting, writing novels, and more.
41.  TEDx Talks YouTube Channel for inspiration and knowledge.
42.  The Speculative Literature Foundation has grants and resources for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fiction writers.
43.  Literary Magazines Open Facebook Group has calls for submissions, links to articles, quotes, etc.
44.  Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity lists literary agents, monthly contests, paying markets, and more!

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