Newsletter Arrives by July 30th...

 ... if I can figure it out. I'm quite technologically inept (even with YouTube tutorials). But I finally found a way to do what I've always wanted for my readers. 

Introducing Word Search Verse:

I love the idea of taking a relaxing activity like a word search and adding it to an art form meant to be digested slowly. The highlighted words in the poem are the ones found in the puzzle. The melding of concepts is meant to draw attention to the language (or just make poetry more fun). I might even have the solution at the bottom of the newsletter... in case. My thought is that people can write on a screenshot taken of the puzzle or print it out.

Yes, I'm also going to be creating a newsletter due to my book coming out, but I honestly wouldn't even consider one without a trick I saw from low-content indie authors on how to make the searches. I even wanted to make an entire poetry collection like this at one point in my life.


I figure I'll put out a monthly letter with Word Search Verse, updates on my life/writing, and maybe something like a favorite resource or a link to an awesome poem I came across online. Not sure if it will be super interesting, but I hope someone will like it. I shall endeavor to practice brevity.

As far as the newsletter service, I plan on using MailerLite because it seems the easiest for newbies while being reliable. I don't have my email address through my URL, so that might pose an issue... we'll see.

Do you have any tips or tricks for creating a newsletter? Please share!

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