My (Meager) Marketing Plans

I'm hopeless at marketing, though I tried implementing strategies on this blog and Twitter for years.  Now, social media is just something I use the way I want—the way I want doesn't bring new readers.  And, I have two chapbooks coming out within a year of each other.
What I considered but rejected:

1.  Instagram - A lot of poets have success there, but I don't think it's a good fit because it's a younger person's site, it requires constant images (something I'm not good at), the technology I mainly use doesn't like it, etc.  I might be shooting myself in the foot.

2.  A newsletter - I can barely keep up blogging!  Maybe five people read my posts, so I doubt more would be interested in a newsletter.  To the two people who had a flare of hope for more boring updates from me:  I'm sorry (you can sign up to receive blog posts in your in-box, though).

3.  Tumblr - It's easy for posts to go viral there, but I don't need another blog.
What I plan on:

1.  Screaming, crying, and panicking.

2.  Blog changes - I plan on changing the tabs, creating a "buy" page when the time comes, revising the "About Me/Contact" page, and more things.  The theme and such will remain pretty much unaltered.

3.  A Facebook author page - The learning curve won't be severe for me because I've used Facebook for years and, since I keep my personal account locked down fairly tight, I'll be able to communicate better with people I don't know.

4.  Virtual launch parties - I'm not sure where online they will be, but there will be giveaways, sample poems, and more stuff.  I'll try to make them interesting.

5.  Readings at the local library - Launch parties offline are overboard for chapbooks, but readings are rarely a bad idea.
What have you found success with when it comes to marketing and promotion?  What didn't work at all?


  1. Oh Lord, yes. Marketing. The bane of every creative's existence. Necessary if you hold out hope for any kind of career, but time consuming and sometimes painful.

    I'm using Instagram now, but I use it to feed my author facebook and my twitter: three bangs for each "buck" and I like to take photos anyway, so it's a natural for me. I can see why it wouldn't be for you. Newsletters are a tough one, too. I feel like I'm hit or miss on mine, and I struggle with putting one out regularly if I don't feel like there is any actual news like new publications or sales or anything.

    Those additions to your blog sound like a good idea. I keep a "read my work" page which has links to where work can be purchased or read for free and an "articles and interviews" section for guest posts and such.

    I do well with in-person events like the readings you're suggesting. An idea that works for me: partner with other writers. If you can put together panels or multi-author readings, then you can share audience, which is a great way to expand your reach.

    Sounds like you've got some great plans in the works! Best of luck to you on seeing some return-on-investment!

    1. I love the idea of a "read my work" page, and will probably implement it! Thank you.
      Next year, I'm (hoping to) start a local poetry group. Maybe we'll have readings of work we created through/with the group!

      Another thing I plan on is reading some of my poems on my Youtube channel. Maybe having them go live during the virtual launch. I might invest in a webcam instead of just using audio.

  2. My most-watched video on YouTube is me reading a poem I liked (by someone else) and talking about it. Getting a poetry group together sounds like a good idea, too.