Christmas Cards 2022

These are sort of Victorian Christmas with some glitz. The one with the "Night Before Christmas" theme went to Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.
I'm trying to work with traditional Christmas/winter cards without always using the same colors. I wondered what I could make if I shifted something over. Would pink and purple look like a valentine? The green card is made with a rub-on transfer.
Here's a low-quality image to show off a new type of card I wanted to try... a grid card. This is incredibly easy to make as construction paper is the card body and quilling strips make the grid. Stickers from The Dollar Tree finish it off. Next year, I want to put letters in the squares to spell different words.
Another batch of cards where I tried something new (particularly the black and orange in Christmas motifs). Sometimes, I wonder if I rely too much on glitter, fake gems, and metallics... but Christmas is generally ostentatious. The black card is for my baby brother because he is anything but standard.

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