Fir Crazy: Review in Rhyme (Spoilers Galore)

When Elise loses her fancy job, and is broken up with by her supposed heartthrob, she's enlisted to help with her family's Christmas tree lot... which she honestly doesn't like one jot. But, she soon finds the prospect pleasing, regardless of slinging trees when it's below freezing. She even lands herself a new shiny beau, but the CEO next to the lot thinks it has to go. Can Elise save her parents' livelihood, or are all her plans ultimately no good?

Elise is a workaholic at the start, and striving for promotion keeps her and her family apart. She isn't a horrible person, though a little cavalier. She changes her demeanor with holiday cheer. The change was somewhat gradual (didn't stretch belief).

But, the CEO easily alters his state of grief. It took less than three minutes to do a 180. He hated Christmas (and the tree lot) because he lost his lady. She loved the holiday (was even named Noelle), and so he hated Christmas... each wreath and bell. Elise decides not to fight him at the end because he lost his wife and couldn't defend her parents' livelihood (or even pretend) it was more important than the CEO's pain. The CEO then decided the trees should remain because his wife would've been happy.

The romance in this one isn't too sappy. I guess it's serviceable, though Elise is kinda crappy. She puts Darren through a bunch of stuff and doesn't hesitate to use him. He lets her do almost anything because he wants her to choose him. She does, of course, but I don't think I would. There's a difference between "doormat" and just someone who's good.

The supporting cast were all decent, but (not for nothin') a pregnant woman acts as a deus-ex-machina-Macguffin! 

As end scenes rate, it was sort of odd. It looked like the couple got trapped in an ornament by God. 

Overall, I'd say, it's just mediocre. It won't make you whack your TV with a fire poker, but you probably won't want to see it again anytime soon. My advice: Skip this and watch Donald's Snow Fight (the cartoon).

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