Resources for Those at Home or Struggling

There is so much I want to say as a disabled person in a pandemic, but just about everyone is having some type of issue currently.  So, let's do something different.

For gig workers:
COVID-19 Resources

For poets:
Online Writing Retreat with Amanda Moore, daily starting Mar. 16
Workshop -“POEMUNIZE: Your Daily Shot” with Marj Hahne, Mar. 16 – April 5
#InternationalPoetryCircle:  A (Twitter) place for poets to share video poems
#VirtualPoetsMeet (my new hashtag)

For art lovers:
This thread on virtual gallery tours
Download Free Coloring Books from 113 Museums

Educating kids at home:
List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions
Teaching poetry (
Google document of virtual field trips
Writing Tips for Teens Guide (from Penguin)
45+ Free Educational Websites for Kids
Three Free Months of Rosetta Stone for Kids

General writers:
WHQ: 14 Days of Self Write-solation course
33 of the Best Book Podcasts for All Genres
WHQ:  Weekend online writing retreats
Alliance of Independent Authors (YouTube)
Resources for Artists in the COVID-19 Crisis

13 Tips That’ll Make Working from Home Feel Slightly More Productive
Free entertainment to help you survive social distancing
Minecraft Library (in game) Provides a Platform for Censored Journalists
Online Courses, Audio Books, eBooks, Movies, Coloring Books, etc.
10 Free E-books from Haymarket Books
Free Resources on the Coronavirus Pandemic
Scribd is Offering 30-Day Access to Their Catalog For Free
Sling TV's Stay Home and Sling Initiative (Free)
Things I've heard but can't link to (or sometimes verify):

The Boys & Girls Club in your area might help with lunch for kids.  Many public schools are doing the same.

Veterans and their families can get help with food staples and such through The Fallen Outdoors.

Phone companies are creating hotspots for those without Internet.  Certain ones (Spectrum) might help households with children that need Internet (not in rural areas).

Many grocery and department stores are having a "senior hour" where elderly and vulnerable shoppers can get supplies without overcrowding.

Sirius Radio is currently free for three months (not sure how it works).
Final things:

Most libraries give access to e-books, online classes, and more from home.

YouTube provides tons of tutorials, music, and shows.  Now is an excellent time to learn a new skill or discover a hobby.

It will help to keep yourself on a schedule... even at home.

Social media and news outlets can produce more anxiety than joy.  Don't hesitate to limit your exposure.

Video games are a perfect pastime for being stuck at home (the new Animal Crossing comes out Friday).  Some even provide social interaction.

Call people on the phone, Skype, or pop into someone's private messages. We're all social animals and need others.  (You can always Tweet to me @jenruthjackson.)

Check on your elderly or disabled neighbors (you don't have to go inside their homes).  They might need things and are too afraid (or are unable) to go outside.

We can beat anything if we're careful and diligent.


  1. Being stuck at home is *really* difficult fo some folks and you've collected some great resources and tips here. Great post!