Best(?) Lines from November's PAD

On Samantha Bryant's recommendation, I'm going to post some (mostly unedited) lines from November's Poem-A-Day challenge.  Some might not make sense without context, but I chose what I liked unless it needed more than a few lines to make sense.
1.  We watched banana trees inch forward, migrating
towards each other as though meeting in a geriatric
ward, and realized we have no love songs in this land.

2.  Parsed her name through lupine tongue/teeth

3.  She wanted to dress as night
in glimmerous stars and wet ink

4.  We can't build a house of straw
there is no hay in the metro area
& single-use plastic straws are banned.

5.  like politics at Thanksgiving. Maybe it was better
to cover God's eyes as he drank him away.

6.  Bundled like phone, Internet, and television
we were wound in quilts...

7.  They were a declaration in the kitchen over tea because asking for sugar is bland, double-speak when you peer over steam and blue-edged cups.

8.  I'm Sisyphus' joints ground to powder
after eons of futility and all of his frustration
in stubs of teeth turned to dust on his lips,

9.  I lost my wheelchair halfway to the moon. The shuttle,
shivering as though during re-entry, jettisoned it like an offering
to our galaxy. It's a technological star with four tires.

10.  like a blue raspberry Blow Pop sexing a blowtorch.

11.  I've travelled all over Wisconsin tied
down in the backs of vans, so my wheelchair
doesn't get ideas and fly down the interstate
like a landlocked airplane. It has no wings

12.  I mistook them for live mosaics once
Patina scraped off, your halo misplaced


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you did this! You've got some wonderfully evocative lines here. I especially love #3 and #8

    1. Thank you for the idea!
      I edited the poem #8 is from to the point where it isn't "viable" anymore. Maybe it just doesn't require as much fixing as I thought.