2020 Acceptance/Rejection Numbers (So Far)

I'm not submitting as much as I normally do around this time of year, but I am writing and editing.  I currently have six pieces I am performing final edits on. (I'm also playing a lot of Animal Crossing:  New Horizons.)

Are you writing, editing, and/or submitting more or less than normal with "social distancing"?
Rejections as of March 29th:  Nine

Strange Horizons
Whale Road Review
Juniper Poetry Journal
Vagabond City
Stephen A DiBiase Poetry Contest
Feral: A Journal of Poetry and Art
The Stinging Fly
The Mantle

Acceptances:  Three

Pea TV (one poem)
Fragmented Voices (two poems) - Slated for June
Sparks of Calliope (two poems) - One for April, one for May


  1. Strange Horizons is a market I'd love to breach, too, but so far, no luck. I haven't been submitting work much lately either, though I've been collecting a new pile of rejections from the big submission push I made in January.

    Congrats on the acceptances!

    1. I actually had a poem published at Strange Horizons years ago. But, I've never cracked that vault again! LOL