Not Updating Much This Month (and Poem)

With the blogging, letter writing, poetry, and other challenges this month, I have decided I won't be posting much.  Everyone is busy in the decadence of words.  I don't want to add my voice just because it's scheduled.
A local college is doing a poetry blog showcasing local talent each April.  I submitted four poems this year.  My poem is the second one on the link.  **Note:  This isn't an acceptance, just a participation thing.**

Also, MetalBabeMayem announced the winners of their acrostic poetry contest.  Spoiler:  It wasn't me.  But they were fun to write!  You can see everyone's entries on the above link.

Well, that's it from me unless I have more news.  Have a productive month!


  1. Hope April went well for you. My "decadence with words" of April is now over but continues with my other decadent blogging as usual.

    Good to see that you've been finding places to use your poetry voice. Hope to see you back on the blog soon.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I'm back! I know your April was busy. I'm just glad to be here.