It's May, and I'm back

I’m back!  I hope everything went great for everyone last month.  I lurked around the blogging world but was so busy, I didn’t bother to comment.  I know, shame. 
April, and the Poem-A-Day Challenge, zipped right by me.  I ended up with 48 poems of varying quality, a whole bunch of ideas for new blog posts, a few books read, tons of rejections, NO acceptances, and a few poems debuting online (some of which I posted about, already).

My last poem on the local blog can be found here.  It's the second one and the last word should be "shore" not "storm"; it was changed by someone else.
Also, my horror poem is up on Lakeside Circus!  Read it here.

May will be another month of submissions.  I will also be revising the pieces I wrote last month to see just how many are “worthy” of submission.  I must admit, I get extremely disheartened with the creative process once the “marketing” side of things comes to the fore.  Good thing I love the act of writing itself.  Maybe, someday, people will just read my work on here and I won’t have to submit to find an audience… yeah, right.

How are your plans for May shaping up?  Did you have an accomplished April?


  1. 48 poems is very impressive! I can't remember the last time I wrote even one...sad, I know.

    1. I can't write a novel to save my life, the short forms are what I am drawn to. Fiction writers can learn a lot from poetry: Brevity, musicality, metaphor, etc.