When a Cliff-Hanger Becomes a Finale

Husband and I watched the first episode of Alf  last night for cheesy goodness.  It delivered and was fairly enjoyable.  Afterward, my husband says:  "You know it didn't end well, right?"  He meant, of course, the series.
Ugh, not again!

Many shows have lousy or bizarre endings.  If you search online, there is no end to people sounding off on shows that dropped the ball, messed them up, or ticked them off.  Some of these, like Alf, could've been avoided by one simple rule:  No cliff-hangers unless you're CERTAIN there will be more episodes!

This doesn't happen as often in the written-world.  I assume (though am unsure) it's because authors have more control over sequels.  An author dropped by a publisher can publish future novels elsewhere.  A TV show has an almost-zero chance of another network resurrecting it.

But authors can still burn-out and rush endings.  I hate that nearly as much.  If I went along for the ride, for whatever you've written, you owe me... something.  It doesn't have to be glitter-coated dolphins doing tricks in neon water for rainbow-eating mermaids... but something.  I trust you, when I engage with your work, to satisfy my need for closure, or reasons for nonclosure, or...

Well, something that feels appropriate and true to the world and characters you've provided.  Something that feels worthy.

I'll be waiting!
What was your biggest series (movie/show/book) disappointment?  Do you think fans are entitled to closer or, at least, a worthy ending?

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