Daydreams of Others

I was going to tell you what's going on with me now...
Why I'm melancholy and sleeping as much as a hibernating bear...
That my husband thinks I should stop making the jewelry for The Giving Tree,,,
Or my mom's going to hound doctors soon if they don't give me a diagnosis...

Forget it!  No one wants to hear it... er... read it.
So, what do I say when I feel like this and don't quite have the spirit to talk about the writing business (I don't even feel like a writer right now) or update you on something in my life?
Sometimes, I daydream about my blogging acquaintances.  Before it sounds too creepy let me clarify:  I imagine them ten years in the future.  Weird, I know, but also kind of fun.

One of you is a successful and well-paid doctor with a wonderful marriage, twins, and is an on-again off-again columnist.

One of you becomes a well-known memoirist who travels in an RV with your significant other.

Another of you has to turn down the big-name publishers each time another self-published book sells like crazy.

Still another quits his/her job when the first movie rights sell and he/she ends up as prolific as James Patterson, though in a different genre.

I imagine more, but you get the idea.  Some of you can even guess who I daydream about (some are obvious).
I especially daydream about others succeeding when I've lost the fuel to see my own.

Do you guys ever do this?  Does it make you feel happy to imagine another's joy?


  1. I'd like to be the road traveling memoirist!

    I like thinking about the lives of other bloggers. I guess that's why I kind of welcome it when they put up personal pictures and tell about things that are happening in their lives. Writing advice and such is okay now and then, but we get plenty of that and I want to know who's at the keyboards of other computers.

    If I had the financial resources, I'd love to be able to travel around and meet bloggers in person. I've been fortunate to actually encounter and converse with maybe twenty or so bloggers whom I've met in person after first meeting them on a blog. It's pretty cool to go beyond the blog page and actually shake a hand and maybe have my picture taken with them.

    Enjoyed this post and how it sparked my thinking.

    Tossing It Out

    1. I didn't know how people would react to this post, so thank you for the kind words.

      Yeah, the travelling memoirist is how I see your future when I think of it (I guess it's obvious). In all of my daydreams, I picture the person happy and doing something marvelous.

      I would love to travel. I haven't even been out of my zip code in over seven years.

  2. I do like to imagine the future success of others, and sometimes it is them finding success in ways they don't expect.

    1. Sounds nice! Can you give me an example of your "unexpected" ways? You can use a hypothetical person.

      I thought I was the only one that daydreamed about people in nice lives (even those you may not know intimately). It makes it feel more "normal" especially when people tell me all the terrible situations they wish or imagine their enemies in and I don't do that...

    2. I definitely don't like to imagine bad things on others.

      I have a friend who didn't get into graduate school but now has a pretty good job in Chicago. And, although I know he enjoys the job, I also know he would enjoy being able to apply his other degree (the one he is using now wasn't his preferred major). I like to image that he is able to continue working, in his spare time, on a project he started in school and ends up being able to do field work because of it.

      There's also a couple people I like to image becoming President of the US—though that's mostly so I can say I know a president :)

    3. And just who told you about my presidential aspirations? I'm joking, of course.
      It just is so much nicer to think about good things for people.