Necklace and Bracelet Lengths

As a very fat woman, eighteen-inch necklaces and seven-inch bracelets don't cut it.  As a woman with a physical disability, clasps are tiny torture devices designed to frustrate.  As a woman who loves jewelry?  I need to find ways to wear the desired accessories.

So, what options are there?

1.  Magnetic clasps which make fumbling unnecessary (they often extend length as well)

2.  Looooooooong lengths to slip over the hands or head (including endless strands)

3.  Stretch cord, oh yeah!

4.  Adjustable length (in cord knots or otherwise)

But what happens when you want to shop for new bracelets at a store but they don't have stretchy ones, or adjustable ones?  Well... I'll tell you what I do.  I don't look for bracelets, I look for anklets!  Often, anklets are adjustable in length, come in cool designs and cost about as much as a bracelet.  No one notes the difference.

Do you use any of the above tricks for a better or less-frustrating fit?
Jewelry is on my mind lately as I gather materials and prepare for crafting pieces for The Giving Tree.  As I finish them, do you want me to put photos up so you can see?

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