Not Even Halloween and I'm an Elf

Toys for Tots isn't running in my county this year.  It's the first time I recall this happening.  Apparently, the family who ran things just isn't doing it; I had no idea local people HAD to run it, makes sense, I suppose.

The other large gifting program, The Giving Tree is going to be even busier trying to pick up the slack.  They expect an approximate 25% increase in the number of children served which, pardon my disbelief, seems low.  But, they're already out fundraising and campaigning so maybe there's some idea.

When I heard about Toys for Tots, I spoke to my best friend, S. and we agreed to contact someone from The Giving Tree and offer our services.  If you remember, both S. and I make jewelry.  Long story short, we should be making pieces for about forty young ladies generally ages ten to eighteen years.

We've been granted something special:  The chance to do something special for someone else.  Our jewelry will be partially responsible for stoking the spirit-fire of certain tweens and teens this December.  Perhaps you think I'm overestimating our influence but I'd disagree.  You restore something to your fellow man with each kindness, regardless of season, just like petty cruelties tear holes.  I just get to do it with jingle bells in my hair.

Have the holidays snuck up on you earlier than expected?

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