I Didn't Win, the World Didn't End

Sunday, the announcement came:  Jennifer Ruth Jackson didn't win the contest.  Well, it didn't say that... exactly.  But, sometimes, it's what isn't said.

I'd hoped for a different outcome, of course.  The hundreds (maybe) of other people who lost with me were undoubtedly wishing for a different outcome, too.  At least I wasn't alone late Sunday afternoon.

Now, life's been rough lately (understatement, really) so I thought I'd be hating myself (more) for even entering (paying money for) the contest.  But I didn't.  It went over fairly well.  After an hour of "oh, shucks", I was making plans to enter two "no-fee" contests next week.

People say writers must have a thick skin.  I don't.  Mine is like rice paper.  And yet... it didn't phase me that much.  It surprised me.  We'll see if I can keep forging on after Poetry Magazine rejects me for the 10,000th time in the last five years...

Have you ever reacted in a way (good or bad) that surprised you?  When was your last small victory in the writing business?


  1. Hey, Jennifer, I'm sorry about the rejection. I hope you keep reaching out with your poetry because you do have a gift to offer. It's also so refreshing and honest that you admit to having thin skin. I struggle with it as well but you put it far more eloquently.

    1. It's so difficult to separate from a creative work. It feels so personal, like an extension of self.

      One of the only things to truly help is having more work out there so possibility of acceptance (and therefore, hope) is kept in decent shape.