My Thoughts Are Jumbled...

There's no direction here, today.  Bits of news (to you) and anxiety (to me) float around in my head.  Can I lay these random chunks and slivers at your feet?  Would you handle them with care?

1.  Months ago, I won an honorable mention in The Binnacle Ultra-Short Competition. I submitted a fiction piece and a poem.  They accepted the fiction piece.

2.  I'm undergoing a scoping of my stomach next Friday.  Yes, this is part of the health issues I've mentioned.  Yes, I've had this (very minor) procedure done before.  I am anxious, though.  Possibilities are racing to the point of cursing my imagination.

3.  All of my current reads are from an auction I won for a dollar.  The box contains, at least, fifty books...

4.  I'm to the point where I don't see myself as ever being healthy again.  Ridiculous, I know, but the last year or more has been long... too long.  I used to say "when I get well" and now my traitorous lips spill the word "if" like poison.

5.  I plan on doing the November Poem-A-Day Challenge.  

6.  I recently got new glasses after nine years.  I was hoping my daily headaches would abate with a new prescription.

7.  The majority of my family is coming over Saturday to watch horror movies.  I have six planned I hope they haven't seen.

8.  A poetry contest I entered announces the results Sunday and I find myself hoping so hard for good news, it's unnatural.

9.  I have The Veronicas' song You Ruin Me stuck in my head and I keep singing it.  Something about it must appeal even though the lyrics don't cover new territory. Listen, if you want.

So, that's some of what's bouncing around.  Thanks for reading, if you got this far.

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