I’m going to be starting a DIY MFA experience this month that (I hope) will last at least six months.  I made my decision after hearing about this alternative to university life and what it can do if you are focused. 

Will it do me any good?  I am uncertain but I am going to go for it.

Each Tuesday, I will update on my accomplishments and stalls.  I will be completely honest.  At times, I will need your help, gentle readers.  And, at other times, will need you to shove me out into the water so I may swim better.
The only real negative is not having a writing group to receive/give critique to.  Part of the DIY MFA experience is community (and more than just blog feedback) but we’ll wing it.

Thursday, I plan on posting a mission statement, of sorts.  Or, at least, what I am doing and hope to get out of it.  We’ll see how it goes!


  1. This is so inspiring, Jennifer! Seriously, it takes a lot of strength and creativity to go with your own path and I have no doubt you'll be successful. Please keep us posted on all the details. We're cheering for you.

    1. Thanks! I am just trying something new to focus on. I really want to learn but I don't have a classroom setting to do it in. So, I'll improvise.

      Trust me, eventually I am going to NEED a cheerleader or twelve to keep going. I'm glad to have you on my side.