The Muse Online Writers Conference (and more)

The Muse Online Writers Conference is taking place from October 7th to the 13th but registration must be by the first.  I hope you guys will consider attending.  They have chats, pitch sessions, workshops and more.  This is my second year attending.  It is FREE but they do REQUEST donations to keep the whole thing free.  Check out the itinerary so far (and then keep checking because they often add surprises up until the day).  
Need tips about writing or creative prompts to get the juices going?  Even more?  Well, check this site out!  I wasn't sorry I did.
I love the Review Review.  They review (really?) literary journals.  That combined with their news, calls for submissions, interviews with editors (and more) make it a great place to check out.

I haven't been here lately because of so many things but I think of you guys often.  Those of you still around here, that is.  It was one heck of a summer.  

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