Details About My DIY MFA

Why I'm Doing This:

I seek to create with more depth and frequency.  I want to gain more knowledge in my craft and grow within it.  I am going to attempt becoming a more social writer, a more vocal one.  

How I Will Do This:

1.  Reading and/or writing each day
2.  Submitting my work each month
3.  Practicing poem recitation for audio files
4.  Blogging with more frequency 
5.  Reporting my progress on the blog to keep me accountable
6.  Seeking out different resources for inspiration 
7.  Keeping to a schedule
8.  Seeking out others

When I Will Do This:

At least six months (the first possible ending date being on April 30th, 2014).


Poetry chapbook or a linked set of flash plus other publishable pieces.  Depending on several factors.


Each month will deal with either poetry or flash fiction.  Possibly a month of hybrid forms to stretch expectations and ability.  There will be special reading and certain projects that need completing within each month, sometimes multiple projects.


The blogging community otherwise, I'm uncertain.  I will try to seek out others during this time but can't guarantee anything.
^^I will list what I'm reading and what projects are current as I go along.  If anyone has any ideas for resources or comments on what I'm doing, just fire away!^^


  1. Can't think of any resources off the top of my head, but I'm really hoping this goes well for you! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help (I'll do my best to keep up with your blog posts).

    1. Thanks! Right now I am fairly confident but I won't be too far down the road. I was going to try some open courseware to get some sort of classroom experience and learning but, so far, have rejected it. We'll see if I find time in my schedule for it, though.

    2. I hadn't thought about open courseware. If/when you keep considering that, MIT has some available (maybe you've seen it already). You can find it here: You'll have to search for courses from there. Most of the courses are at the undergraduate level, but there are some graduate level, too.

  2. Good for you, Jennifer! You're dedicating yourself to the craft. It's the only way. I'd look for other poet bloggers. Do you know Jessica Bell? She publishes a literary work called Vine Leaves Journal and they take submissions all the time. Google her and that journal and it should come up with links. She's a super nice person!

    1. I have heard of her and her publication but have never approached her. I don't really approach people who are editors. Perhaps it is because I am still just the "lowly writer".

      I've been writing a fair amount but I find I have no real FOCUS when it comes to writing. I just write when I want and find myself less willing to stretch myself which is never a good thing for your work.