Feedback About the Give-Away

I know, I should be off the Internet by now.
I had a few minutes...
So, hang on tight!
I AM coming back in January but the "event" won't be until April.  Tell me what you guys think about everything listed.

I am thinking about NOT doing a contest this time out.  Only two people really entered last time and, while they were talented, it didn't give us a pool of entries to choose from.  Unless you guys think I should try an ultra-flash competition this time around?

I would also LOVE to talk to Alyson and Kelley about possibly doing a give-away of their books and for them to post some of the things they encountered while publishing.  Contact me if you gals want to do this!  I will pay for the copies, of course.
If anyone else is interested in possibly doing a give-away/post about their books, let me know!  If you know a good poet with an e-collection out, send him/her my way.

There is always the option of the Amazon Gift Card like I did before but maybe you guys want something different.  Would you like to be in the drawing for an AGC or a year's subscription of a writing magazine (Poets & Writers or Writer's Digest)?

Does anyone want to do a guest post on writing?  Let me know!

Please pass along this to anyone you think might be interested.  Each drawing/guest post opportunity/book talk/etc. is open to everyone this time.  Not just those of you who follow my blog.  So spread the word, I want this to be a huge event!


Happy Holidays

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  1. Ooo, I would LOVE to do guest posts, book giveaways! Any and all of the above :) Sign me up lady!