Duotrope Alternatives

This is an automatic posting.  I am still away, drinking wine or dancing, playing chicken or kissing strangers.  Happy New Year to you out there.  Please, be safe in what you do this night.

Now the real reason for this post:

We all know Duotrope is going paid.  I have donated when I can but I can't afford what they're asking.  Trust me, I can't.  And, before you talk about the give-away I am doing, that is for the benefit of my blog and you guys.  Outside of my blog, my only other writer-allowed expenses are magazines (and two maximum at that).  Maybe when I am a self-sustained writer instead of some lowly gutter snipe receiving government assistance I will subscribe.

That being said, I need to find some alternatives.  Well, I've been looking and thought I would share with you.  These will be useful for those who publish poetry and short stories.

If some of these aren't free, let me know.  I tried to find free alternatives anywhere I could.
Pass this list on to anyone you want to.
Alternative Market Searches  *Speculative Poetry*  **Contests, Markets, Grants**  **Calls for Submissions, mailing list**  **Horror**
Submission Tracker  **Markets and Submission Tracker
Response times  *Speculative just, I think* also has a place where you can submit your responses, I believe.  *Not sure*