My Vocabulary or Yours (Part 3)

I had SOME clue about three of these but thought I would include them, anyway.


Apostasy-abandonment or disaffiliation from a religion by a person
Esoteric-Mysterious, only understood by some with special knowledge
Erudition-Deep learning or knowledge (book-smart)
Paucity-Very few, a smallness of number
Inchoate-Imperfectly formed, partial, or vague
Refulgent-Shine brightly
Sonorous-Having or producing sound (full or rich sound)
Moiling-Industrious or violently agitated
Nomenclature-Name or designation

How many of these did YOU know?


  1. Ummm, I didn't know any. Haha

    And I haven't been around here in a month but holy cow! LOVE what you did with the blog look. :)

  2. I knew 3 and I'm feeling pretty proud about that. Years ago when I worked late hours I used to write words and their meaning from the dictionary into a notebook to increase my knowledge. Everyone at work used to think I was wacko but it really did increase my vocabulary so the joke is on them I guess. lol

    Thanks for the warm wishes, Jennifer! :)