To Edit is to Dream

My mother claims I am a born editor (not including my own stuff in there).  Me?  I think I am suited to it and WANT to be one but...

How could I keep rejecting people, knowing what it is like to sit on the other side of it?  The old “it’s better to give than receive” might apply here for most but I am unsure if it fits me.
Yet, I want to be an editor.  I want to tell people “yes” and adore their words or be surprised in such a good way I NEED to share them with the world but I would also have to reject.
Maybe it would get better/easier in time just like it has (some) for getting rejected.  I can’t say for sure, though.

Then, of course, there is the cost of the whole thing.  I live off of entitlement programs (not something that’s my choice) but would want a decent online publication where I can even pay contributors SOMETHING for their work.  **Sigh

Well, I guess that's why it's a dream, right?

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