Multi-Media Freelancing

Freelancers have more unique opportunities thanks to the internet than ever before.  More specialized webzines are popping up every day needing content, and some old favorites now have a digital supplement beside their print edition.  Good freelancers already know this but some are still missing out on opportunities.


They still believe it is all about the print.  In today’s digital age, words are only the start of good freelance work.  So many sites have photo, audio, and video capabilities that most freelancers never capitalize on.  Sending out another person to take photos or video is often an impractical to impossible job for many smaller markets but enhances a piece if done right.
Reasons to branch out:

1.  Possibility of more pay
2.  Interviews are often recorded anyway (instant audio if subject agrees!)
3.  No extra travel (already there!)
4.  Editors like people who go the “extra mile”

Granted, not all articles require this and some editors will NOT want extras so it is best freelancers discuss things up front (unless it is a location destination thing, then photos are almost always welcome).  Also, some people won’t like being recorded or photographed and different rights are often required for different media. 

Do you like having video/audio/photos linked to the articles you read online?

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