Large Lip-Reading Links, Batman!

I can’t recall linking an article or blog post to my blog more than a few times.  People do this a lot.  While I think it is a nice thing to do if you’re posting about another person or project somewhere else, I know people who link their own stuff.

Some people do this to benefit those who aren’t caught up to date.  If a blogger hasn’t touched on a subject in a while or has a lot of content, this makes sense.  It is helpful and gets everyone on the same page.  Recommended links at the bottom of a post can also be a nice touch as they don’t take away from the reading experience but offer the option of more should it be wanted. 

But there are people who do it just to raise their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I don’t find that so nice.  Yes, everyone wants to be the first site dear Google puts forth to offer the masses of quivering, knowledge-seeking questers, but I feel this is low.  It is self-serving and sleazy.  If someone only posts twice a week and the topic was visited only a short time ago, followers should KNOW about the post, anyway.

I understand getting a search engine to recognize you have valuable content is an uphill race through rose bushes, but everything done should be for the readers’ benefit before the blogger’s.

Just my thoughts...

**Then again, I haven't had a follower increase in months so, maybe I do things wrong.**

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