Why Guilty Pleasures? (Book Form)

Why do we call certain things "guilty pleasures"? I know what they are so don't take it as me asking anything else but... why?

Why do we feel the need to categorize? How does one turn something into something it wasn't before? Why can't I enjoy a certain book without it being labeled as such?

Is it because it isn't "intellectual" enough? If it is a guilty pleasure, it means I don't read it normally and just indulge like it's a book made of ice cream. I know I shouldn't like it, right?

Is it because it isn't popular enough? I know a lot of people who love books/movies/music/etc. on the fringe of society and no one says, "Alternative music is such my guilty pleasure."

Does it mean it is higher in estimation? You enjoy it so there is the pleasure part but WHERE does this guilt thing come from?

If you feel guilty, why are you even telling people about it? I don't go around telling people of things I am guilty of. (Trust me, no one wants that list unless you are into black E-mail.)

Perhaps I am nitpicking but... still.
Help me out here, please.


  1. I think the "intellectual" aspect is huge. People make light, fun things guilty pleasures. It's interesting how we place substance on certain things and not others! You're so right about asking what the heck there is to feel guilty for. Nothing!!

  2. I am glad I am not the only one!

    Always nice to see you, lovely Saumya

  3. I use the guilty pleasure phrase for anything I wouldn't really want to admit I enjoy to other people. Somtimes it's a cheesy tv show or a movie I know is terrible but I like anyways. With books it's usually something like a kids books I enjoy or something with a really strange plot line.I don't think there's anything wrong with them, but i'm not going to advertise that I like them.

  4. But you enjoy it, be proud! We always act like some "lesser" or strange pursuit is demeaning or only done by candlelight with the shades drawn tightly over the peering eyes of night.

    I love children's movies and I am not ashamed! I also love horror, weird huh?

  5. guilt is the anchor that weighs us down, I say. We all have it, but advertising it - I'll never understand.