End of the Line

I would never turn up my nose at money for my writing but I don't write for money. I came to realize long ago it wouldn't be in the cards. I do like sharing my writing, though. I write because I want to make people feel something. I write because it makes ME feel something, too. Selfish, right?
Recently, I wonder what it would take for me to quit writing. I say I can't and I believe it is true but maybe not. There has to be a line for all of us, it just depends on where the line is.

I think I would give up after just so much rejection. I know, it is a foolish thing to do and the best thing is just to forge on but... yeah. How many times can you listen to negativity before you give into it? (It is a question I asked myself repeatedly when I attended public school.) But maybe I would take a break and not quit. I have taken breaks before and then drifted back to writing. It is nothing new for me.
If I really hurt good people with my words, I would still my pen. I want people to think and feel things but not feel eviscerated if they don't deserve it. Words are powerful and should be aimed accordingly.
Are there any other limits? Sure, there have to be. But it is possible I am stronger than I thought. I hope I am...

Where is your end?


  1. Right now I don't know my end... but I understand the feeling of asking ourselves if its all worth it.

    But it is. Its just like running a half marathon. There's parts where you question why your doing it (usually at the beginning). Then the runner's high kicks in (that's equivalent to the part where we get good feedback for our work... usually followed by more rejections).

    But there is an end. A goal. And whatever that may be it is worth it to achieve. Some people run Ultras, some run marathons or halfs. Some walk. We each have our own goals for our writing and can change them as we see fit.

    But its a part of us, and its important we strive for them.

  2. I feel the same way sometimes. I can't help but wonder if I'm a little crazy spending all the time writing down words that may never even see the light of day. I keep doing it though, so I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon. If you love something, you do it no matter what.

  3. This post is so honest. I think we all toy around with quitting and even end up doing it at times. There is a line and I don't know if there's anything tangible that makes us stop. It's just an "enough is enough" point. Props to you for returning to your writing after drifting!

  4. It is still an addiction. Sometimes I shout it to the skyline, daring it to contradict me or steal my thoughts and other times I skulk around with teary eyes and hope no one hears the small voice in me waiting to be shared.

    With rejection, it is a matter of public writing versus private. I become more private after so much pain. I can't "writely" do that now since I have this blog.

  5. I've always written for the joy of writing and for the readers who need my style. Rejection - I've been rejected nicely, which is fine. I've been ignored, which hurts worse.

  6. Ignored does hurt. At least you know where you stand with a "no".