Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Questions (August 6th)

1. What is one item you have a weakness for? (Examples: pens, shoes, cars, etc.)

2. Which would you rather do of the following: Horseback riding, motorcycle ride, or go snowmobiling?

3. When was the last time your life felt truly magical/lucky/charmed?


  1. anything cutesie.
    at different times when I'm writing and I feel that deja vu thing.

  2. 1) Hot men.

    2) I have no idea.

    3) Last week when I got a book contract from a mid-size publisher.

  3. Such the congratulations, Michael! It is truly an awesome thing.

    I love snowmobiling too, Donna.

  4. 1. Ties. I don't wear them often, but I like buying them.
    2. Snowmobiling.
    3. This is a tough one...I guess I don't remember.

  5. 1.Chocolate. Mmm.
    2. Horsebac riding. I love horses.
    3. I tend to feel the opposite way. I have terribe luck most of the time. Maybe it just hasn't happened yet.