Onomatopoeia (Prompt)

**Boom!** **Screech!** **Buzz!**

There, that should get your attention. I want you to have fun with onomatopoeia. Write a poem or children's story using it. (I say children's story because adult stories usually don't incorporate this mechanism.)
You know, you CAN share your creations in the comments of the prompt posts. It isn't necessary, of course, but it could be fun. Or link back to your own attempt from your blog.


  1. Oh I love onomatopoeia. I use it whenever I can in writing kid lit. :)

  2. I love to use it but it is something I don't do often. I feel like the guy on "Police Academy" if I use it too much...

  3. I practice this at times. I love it. I try to come up with new sounds for things. Of course, my fav Edgar Allan Poe was the best at this.