Saturday Questions (July 30th)

1. Would you rather use suntan lotion or sunscreen?

2. What is your favorite card game?

3. What is the worst thing you've ever done to your hair?


  1. 1. Sunscreen...I'd probably burn if I used suntan lotion.
    2. Hearts. Unfortunately, I've only ever played the computer- I can't find real people who know the rules.
    3. Lose it. A person should not start balding at 16 years old.

  2. So weird, we play hearts with my in-laws.
    Eh, some men are distinguished (or even favor) a bare look.

  3. And, if it makes you feel better, I've been graying since then...

  4. 1. Lotion if I put on any... I got my dad's skin thankfully. Though I'll probably end up all wrinkly later...

    2. I like Rummy. My family is really into that one.

    3. I cut my hair in kindergarten. Took a big chunk and chopped it. It looked super funny...

  5. 1. At this age, has to be sunscreen!
    2. Canasta (my parents got me started on it and I was hooked ever since.)
    3. I'm thinking of all those perms in the 80s. Eww! Or maybe the peroxide bleach job was worse. Hard to say, but it's seen some pretty bad days. I haven't added color or perm to it in 10 years.

  6. Neither. I believe in slow adjustment to the sun, not staying out long, and natural Vit D not being blocked.
    One time I spent a load of money to treat myself. I had a perm and coloring done. Well, the coloring mixed with the chemicals and turned very red. I walked in the door with these tight red curls. My son looked at me and said 'Lucy' like Ricky Ricardo

  7. Jen, nice to meet you at Poetic Bloomings! I pin-pricked your "balloon of self-doubt," LOL.

    Sunscreen and avoiding long exposure. Used to live in the tropics and developed respect for the power of the sun.
    Poker, but not for money, only for matchsticks, and no wild games like Pocahontas.
    During my Wedding Singer days in the 80s, I was literally the female Adam Sandler. And my hair looked like his, only blonder, like Rod Stewart. I look back with laughter.

    Thanks for the questions, nice to see your blog! Amy