Write-Fest Begins!

Welcome to the Write-Fest!!!

We are going to try some different things than my original version but I hope you enjoy it.

1. The Write-Fest is going to be one day shorter than planned ending on Sunday.
2. The results of everything are going to be on Saturday instead.
3. Changes are made to the poetry contest as follows:

A. There are going to be a choice of four poems posted early Tuesday.
B. You are encouraged to vote for your favorite. (One vote per person)
C. The author of the poem who has the most votes wins the prize.
D. Voting is to be blind. (No names on the poems)
E. Anonymous votes may count but you have to state who you are or who you know.
F. You may cast your vote via this blog's Email but the subject should be appropriate and no links or attachments shall be opened.
G. Voting will begin 1:00 AM central time Tuesday and end 11:30 PM Friday.

4. There is only to be one guest post.
5. There will be two Q&A posts with the two poets.

I hope that covers it. Questions, let me know!

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