Saturday Questions (July 9th)

What is one small but useful invention you wish you would have created?

Where would you retire if you could do so anywhere?

Who do you wish you could be more like and why?


  1. oh these are getting tough .... :)
    1. aluminum foil
    2. Hawaii
    3. Jesus Christ--the man never showed anger

  2. 1. The ball-point pen (i.e. the mathematician's best friend).
    2. Wisconsin, but northern Wisconsin and perhaps as far north as the Upper Peninsula.
    3. I have to echo Pk on this one, but not so much because of his temperament; he had a very non-conformist view of the ancient Hebrew prophecies that I feel demands modern attention.

  3. 1. Thre internet, though it's really not that small ;)
    2. A beach somewhere warm.
    3. My mom-she knew how to handle anything life threw at her.