Forgetting the Fun

Emailing submissions takes hours for me. I don't like it. I do it to get my work out there. Then revisions crop up and then networking sneaks along. It starts to feel like work. It is work, no doubt, but fun should still be very much a part.

The last couple months, I have felt my sense of play/wonder ebb from me when it comes to writing. I feel like I am doing more work with less fun. I am receiving more sadness in many little setbacks and nothing to balance it. How could I let it get this far?

I am considering taking some time off of submissions and revisions to begin new projects. I really love first drafts (it is like having a cyclonic affair) and miss them. I spend more time submitting and revising than creating. Perhaps I am losing my sense of play because there is no real creating going on.

Do you ever feel like this?
What do you do to deal with it?


  1. I'm with you on this. I'm revising chapters again and it is tough work. I love first drafts.

  2. hmm you sound like me the need for balance
    I have a plethora of ideas and no time to get them put together before they leave - I have become a social media crazy person but what is the cost. I dont think T.S Eliot would have blogged - tho I think he would have guested

    Ha - best with your decisions. Dont let the means to an end keep you from the fun in the start