Poems for Voting

Here are the poems for your consideration. Happy voting!
I heard a tale
told with woe
of grandeur, fame and wit.
Twas not far
past space and time,
so close I chose to sit.
The warmth was great,
the food well set,
and time completely ours.
So listened close-
I dared not speak-
such words they quelled all power.
The air grew thick
yet tongue was sharp
and cut to inner core:
past hills and valleys
kings and filth,
the gold, once here, no more.
Then closed the tale
with just one line,
the audience aghast.
And so it was
the closing tongue:
"Our love, my dear, shan't last."

Tears fall like rain
down the cheeks of the insane.

She sits alone at night
listening to them fight.

Screams and wails fill her head
while she tucks herself in bed.

Covers warm and soft as sheep,
help her fall into deep sleep.

Dreams she has of happier days
pulling her away from the craze.

Morning comes and brings the dawn
sitting there upon the lawn.

Sunlight warms the angry scars
sitting deep upon her heart.

School bells chime so cheerfully
keeping her safe and happily.

Painful twinges in her heart
prepare her for a painful part.

Cuss words fill her spinning head
as she lays in a different bed.

Morning comes and bring the dawn,
while she sits upon the lawn.
A Deadly Night

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Smoke pours from the house,
dogs bark outside,
they whine and whimper.

Dark storm clouds,
roll towards the family,
power lines dance in the night.

Pop! Bing, bang Ka-BOOM!

The house is gone,
family stares,
at the approaching monster.

Sirens screams,
dogs run,
tree flies past.

Children crying,
parents whiter than ghosts,
while monster laughs at their doom.

A hand reaches out,
grabs one girl
sprinting into the dark night,
away from the monster.

Mother cries,
Dad hears his daughter,
following her voice.

Through the mangled town,
Dad follows the man,
to his dark deserted building.

Dad rushes in,
grabs his daughter,
crying tears of joy.

The monster smiles,
and drifts away
leaving the mangled town.

Sunshine beams,
over piles of wreckage,
people appear,
shocked and helpless.

Clean up begins,
Dad smiles at his daughter
Who was that man that save you?
he asked petting her gold locks.

She shrugs,
points at the sun,
smiles at her loving family
gathered around her.

Home bound the family heads,
nodding to neighbors, family, and friends.
They pick up the pieces and start anew.
We laugh and dance
with our cares forgotten
for the arms of love are wrapped tight.
But in a corner
all alone
stands one afraid.

Why are these dreams unmet?
Why must this heart be the one to break?
But the plans and prayers fall
on empty ears and empty souls.

A helping hand
does well to make the afraid stand,
but often hurries away
before the first steps are made.

And so they trudge
corner to corner
amidst the dances and balls.
Who will take the hand?
Can you spare a word?
For after all, the one afraid
was once you.


  1. The last one, about the dance.


  2. The last one because I can relate to it.