Saturday Questions (June 18th)

1. When is the last time you played in the snow?

2. What is a quote about life or writing you disagree with?

3. What is one song that annoys you?

**I am trying very hard to not have repeats here. Sorry if I ever do.** Does anyone have any thoughts on my "Write-Fest"?


  1. I think the last time I officially played in the snow was not this past winter, but the one before that- we had a snowball fight at Ripon that was quite intense and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    A quote with which I disagree...although there are probably many, I cannot produce one at the moment. I'll let you know when I find one.

    Hawk Nelson's "Let's Dance" annoys me because of the lines "And I don't wanna look inside myself / 'cause then I'll have to change something else". When I look inside myself, I know I'm going to spend a lifetime changing, and I don't know why someone would see things that need to be changed would and not work toward changing them. But, that might just be me.

  2. I cannot remember the last time I played in the snow! Too many years ago.

    I disagree that there is such a thing as writers block.

    I don't have one song, but any song about hurting others.

  3. 1. I haven't played in the snow since I was a kid. It's hard for me to do so with the wheelchair and all.

    2. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." If you have ever been in a long-distance relationship, you will know it isn't necessarily true.

    3. Willow Smith-Whip My Hair

  4. Oh I'm late for the questions! Okay let's see...

    1. It's been about a year since I've been in the snow, maybe even two. We took the kids to Colorado a couple Januaries ago... so yeah it's been awhile. I love the snow. But living in FLA I don't see it unless we travel.

    2."Everything happens for a reason." THis quote is too prophetic for me. I used to believe it. Now I believe everything happens because of choices we make, whether good or bad.

    3. Whip it by Devo

  5. 1. Three or four years ago. I'm just not a fan of cold.

    2. Never use adverbs. I think you need them once in awhile. As long as you don't abuse them, I think they can add to a piece of writing.

    3. Anything by Brittany Spears.