Past Relationships (Prompt)

1. Write a scene in which your character is in a past relationship. What kind of person did he/she get along with then? Did anything happen in the relationship to change how he/she feels about life now?


2. Write a poem about a relationship lost. It can be due to death, divorce, moving, etc.


  1. The book I'm writing is about past relationships. This is a good prompt. I hadn't thought about writing a poem on a past relationship. I really like that idea.

  2. Thank you, Donna! I hope someone gets something out of these...

  3. The first one is a good activity to learn more about our characters. Sometimes I write scenes that don't have a place in my stories just to explore the characters. This is a great idea!

    And I just caught up on your last two posts! I can't believe I missed Saturday's questions! :s