Catching a Shark

Fear really stinks. Couple it with lack of confidence and even a skunk rolling around in a carcass smells better. Once helping us survive, fear becomes our captor when we face parts of life. It freezes us, makes us doubt, and whispers to our logical brain we should do the "safer" thing.
Unfounded fear is very dangerous for writers. It stops us from saying what we really want and getting what we deserve. Every writer experiences it in some form but only through experience can we acknowledge, stare it in the face, and dismiss it for the roadblock it is.

Why go after the goldfish in the bowl when the ocean has the huge shark you've been dying to land? You have the equipment and the desire. You have been practicing for the day it happens. Why not set sail and go for it? Sharks are not going to haul themselves in because you have your eye on them. The ocean is not going to be smaller because you want it to be. The same obstacles are going to be there no matter when you start.
Believe in your dreams, your directions, yourself. Let go, and get going.


  1. Excellent post. I say, let's set sail for the unknown.

  2. I love the motivational spirit behind this. I'm definitely out to catch a shark!