Procrastination Stoppers... Excessive?

There is software available for writers that takes typing back to the very basics. No longer are you able to choose font, color, size, numbered points, etc. It is just you, your words in white, and a black background. It, so they say, takes your ability to procrastinate away from you.

I know many people have problems with procrastination but... really? Do you sit there for hours with your manuscript wondering what every third sentence would look like if each word were a different color? The vast majority of editors and agents only accept certain font so changing it doesn't do you much good. Maybe I am alone in never having done this.

The internet gets in the way for me, though. I can spend hours reading blogs and calling it research. There are programs out there to help me by not letting me access certain things online, if let me on at all but I never use them. Couldn't I just keep my router off until I was done?

I don't want a technological babysitter/boss making sure I keep on task. It isn't that I may not need one at times but I always find my way back to my work in time to complete whatever deadlines I have set. When you are not expected to write for someone else, all you have left is yourself.
If you find you procrastinate too much, put yourself on a schedule. If it is important enough, you'll get it done WITHOUT excessive measures to make sure.
If you haven't read Tuesday's post, please read!


  1. Thanks for answering my question, I wasn't sure where you were located and could have been next door. or almost anyway. lol

    That is indeed too bad, but maybe a few of Robert's readers will get in touch with you.

    I wish you much luck on forming your group. If you build it they will come. :-)

  2. Procrastination for me is often my mind preparing for some huge surge of creativity.
    I tell you, someone will find something to earn a buck. And that program won't stop procrastinators unless it screams until they resume.

  3. Donna: Procrastination helps me sometimes, too. You don't want to burn yourself out on the more unpleasant aspects of what you love.

    If someone really wants to procrastinate, they will find a way. It doesn't matter what program he/she has.

  4. Paige: Thank you for the encouragement. I tried to comment on your blog and can't.