Contest, Give-Away, and Guest Posts!!!

**As of 6/26:
Deadlines are extended for everything to July 3rd.

My first blog anniversary is here and what a year! Thank you all for making such an impact on me; I can only hope I had some influence on you, as well.
OK, enough of the sentimental stuff. Here's what you wanted to know:

1. There is to be a give-away of a $20 Amazon Gift Card for those who have been following my blog.
2. I am holding a contest for poetry! The prize is a $10 Amazon Gift Card and even those who don't follow me can enter. (See rules at the bottom of this.)
3. The entire week of the give-away/contest, I am going to be looking for guest bloggers.

The festivities begin Monday, July 11th and end Monday, July 18th.

I would appreciate it if you guys would get the word out about the contest/guest posts to anyone you think would be interested.

To be eligible for the $20 gift card:
1. You must be a current follower of this blog as of June 12th. No new follower is eligible.
2. You must leave a comment in the bottom of this post saying you want to be in the drawing.
3. Winner announced July 17th

Contest Guidelines and notices:
1. Anyone is eligible
2. Only unpublished poems will be accepted (blogs don't count as published)
3. Up to three poems
4. You give me first rights to publish your poem and understand it isn't easy to get it published again should you submit somewhere else if you win.
5. The prize is a $1o Amazon Gift Card (through E-mail) for first place. The prize is not negotiable.
6. Second and Third place poems will be published along with first on my blog.
7. Poems should be under 100 lines
8. Subject line MUST read: Poetry Contest Entry, then your last name.
9. Entries must be submitted to:
10. All submissions are to be sent by July 1st.
11. Winners will be announced July 17th.
12. A short (six lines max) third-person biography may accompany your poems. You may include links to your personal site but keep the published credit list to less than five.
13. No attachments, post in the body of an Email
14. Your own original work only

Guest Post Guidelines:

1. Must have something to do with writing
2. Posts must not exceed 2,500 words.
3. I will be picking five or six posts
4. You will get looked at closer if you cover something I haven't covered on my blog
5. No compensation other than exposure is given.
6. Deadline is June 30th
7. A short (six lines max) third-person biography may accompany your post. You may include links to your personal site but keep the published credit list to less than five.
8. Send your post to:
9. Subject should read: Guest Post then your last name with the topic.
10. No attachments, post in the body of the E-mail.
11. Submit only your own creations
Questions? Leave a comment on the bottom of this post.
Please, if you would, spread the word. I can't do this Write-Fest without support!


  1. Definitely interested in winning the gift card. This is an exciting contest and congratulations on your one year anniversary.

  2. OK Michael, you're in, good luck when the time comes!

  3. Cool. This sounds like fun. I'll announce it in Poetry Corner too.

  4. Jennifer, I posted the link on 2 WD sites, Facebook, and Shelfari. Just sounds too much fun.

  5. Thank you, Donna! You don't know how much I appreciate this. You want to be in the $20 give-away drawing?

  6. Absolutely! Who doesn't love Amazon!

  7. Since I am following you anonymously, I don't know that I can substantiate my following you...but I have been since about June 1. If that makes me eligible, I'm in for the gift card.

    These ideas are great, I look forward to the week of celebration!

  8. Sure thing, K! I knew about you so, not a problem.

  9. Thanks! I also hope that you don't mind me telling my sister about the contest, too, since she is actually the writer in the family.

  10. The more people that know, the better!
    I am going to have a second judge who doesn't know those I know so it is completely unbiased.

  11. I will get the word out for sure, Jennifer!

  12. I am interested in being in the drawing for the poem. Thanks for the opportunity!