Monday, June 13, 2011

Through the Ages (Prompt)

Your character is in the park, the sun has gone down, and he/she is alone. If this weren't enough, there is a group of twenty-something males acting rowdy under one of the only working lights.
Before you write out your character's actions and reactions, wait. I want you to write it out as though your character were different ages.

The ages are:





How does the scene change based on age? What are the differences in how your character acts or feels?
It doesn't have to be a long exercise but it is always good to know how age changes things.

I am announcing the give-away tomorrow, plus some other things. Please catch it, I hope to get your thoughts on it all.


  1. ooh this is a really good idea for a prompt. People change so much over the years.

  2. Very creative. It will really stretch my imagination. Thanks.