Saturday Questions April 2nd

1. Do you play video games?

2. When was the last time you went camping? (I mean real camping, tents and all.)

3. Who is your favorite TV/Movie/Book villain?

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  1. I don't play video games, but I am addicted to and play tons of word games.

    Oh, we camp a lot - in my husband's motorhome. Last time I 'camped' in a tent was when I was in the Army wayyyyyyy long ago.

    My all-time favorite villain is Elam Garik from Star Trek's 'Deep Space Nine'.

  2. Let's see...
    1. My son and I play video games all the time
    2. We went camping about 2 weekends ago at the river in a tent
    3. Fave villains are Hannibal Lecter and Miss Hannigan from Annie.

  3. Donna: I love word games, too! We have Wordjong for the Wii and I play it more often than I should. Why is Elam your favorite villain?

    PK: What games do you like to play? I love Hannibal Lecter!

    1. I play a LOT of video games, as does my husband. We're geeks.

    2. I haven't been camping since high school. It is harder with being disabled, believe it or not. LOL

    3. The Phantom of the Opera even though some don't count him as a villain. I have always been fascinated with the duality of him.

  4. Because he is so good at being a villain. And he's full of conflict. lol