Positives of Receiving Form Rejections

You just got kicked in the gut by way of a piece of paper/Email stating you're not accepted into XYZ Journal. You have worked long and hard for this and they didn't even bother to tell you WHY or dispense a piece of advice.
When editors DO send a personalized rejection it is sometimes more rare than an acceptance. It can lift you to know someone cares and GETS what you're trying to do, even if you're not doing it right.
So how is a form letter any good?

It saves editors time.

This is good for you! It means you get your manuscript back faster. If someone had to type out EVERY single flaw or virtue of each received work, we'd be waiting.... and waiting... and waiting. Wouldn't you rather be shipping your work to a zine that may accept you? I would!

It could be worse.

Say the editors HATE your work and think it one of the absolute worst things they have seen since their cat threw up on a copy of 1,001 ways to chew tobacco. They just send you a form letter without going into details, thus leaving your ego injured by your dreams intact. (I have had an experience with an editor like this once. I'd rather have a "no thanks".)
Ultimately, there are a LOT of reasons writing gets rejected that may have nothing to do with the merit of the piece. It is nice to know but it isn't the end of the world if you don't.
Each rejection means you're one step closer to success! Believe me, I am getting closer each day. lol


  1. I have heard everytime we submit something, our presence gets stronger in the Universe. What I don't like is when they never respond. Just rude. I'll take that form letter over a no reply anytime.

  2. I very much agree with you! I hate being unsure as to the fate of my manuscript and don't like chasing down people just to get a "no thanks" months after it should have arrived.