In the Quiet

In silence, answers will come. When the surface is still, deep currents may move. When you're at peace, you find inspiration.

Well, sometimes...

There are days I sit in the quiet and chase my own thoughts like a dog after a mailman. My self-nagging button has a difficult time turning off on the best of days so giving it extra space to sound off really doesn't help.

It is (more often than not) the opposite when it comes to inspiration. If I am in the middle of writing something, silence is best. When I need ideas, however, it is better to have noise. I never know when a line from a commercial will give me the "aha" moment I need or a voice will sound more like a character of mine than a snippet of song from 20 years ago.

When you are stuck is silence still best for you?


  1. I relate to every part of this post. Inspiration vs. working require different sides of noise and silence. And it's s true that sometimes a commercial can send us in the right direction!

  2. I live in silence most of the time. Inspiration does come when I turn that committee off in my head. Sometimes so hard to do. We sound a lot alike.

  3. Saumya: How goes your book?

    Donna: Meditating for me is VERY difficult because of my thoughts and not being able to turn them off well enough.