End of the World (Prompt)

So many people are saying the world will end in 2012. While I cannot say anything about that, as I am not divine, it brings up today's prompt. Find a humorous or unconventional way for someone's world to end.
I think packing peanuts are going to start being made out of old underpants because it will be more environmentally friendly. People will start first washing (one could hope) and then sending their underpants in for these purposes. It would then be found only underpants that have been worn so many times make the best ones so people all rush out and begin wearing multiple pair of underpants.

Well, so much underwear really slows down someone, especially in the summer so we all take much longer to do just about anything. Since production is so low due to our slowness, people begin to strip off their underwear in the streets and since no less than 12 pounds of underpants is the normal thing, old ladies who love the new "cover up your tush" trend will practically panic when undressing for errands becomes popular.

Those old ladies, in turn, will go on a murderous rampage with their heavy wicker purses and begin to seek out and kill anyone not wearing underwear, thus ending their world!

**I didn't edit this so, sorry about that! I'm afraid I would have stopped halfway through if I would have thought about what I was really saying. lol**


  1. Ok, so who could top yours?
    I am actually working on a book where the murderer uses a unique method to kill. But I can't give it away here. Darn. It's not humorous tho.

  2. I like your story. Lol. I'm having a bit of writers block though and can't come up with anything nearly as clever as yours though.

  3. Thanks ladies! I haven't been posting my thoughts when it comes to my prompts so I thought I would try it this time.