Great Books, Horrible Titles! (Prompt)

It is going to be a slightly easier day for you guys as I am working my way through a prompt each day. I want you to take wildly successful books and give them really rotten titles that somehow still fit.

After you're done I want you to think about what the title you chose would say to a reader. Would you have picked up the book you have come to love if it would have had YOUR title?

Have fun!


  1. Harry Finds a Red Stone (for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)
    Her title is catchy. Makes people ask 'Who is this Harry'? and ooohhhh - a sorcerers stone - intriguing.
    Mine says 'Harry who?' and who cares.

  2. Ha I'm doing the same book as DM!
    Boy Wizard and the Evil Lord of Doom. This title might make me smile but I probably wouldn't pick it up. J.K Rowling's title is much more effective.

  3. Both of these are horribly wonderful!

    Alyson, yours sounds like a cheesy black and white movie. lol