Dream Bookstore

We all have flights of fancy. Some have thoughts about the pool boy in smaller shorts but not me. I dream about bookstores.
I hear of magical places that are a mix of a cafe, library, and a bookstore all rolled into one. They are not a new phenomenon and I would love them, if I ever found one. Unfortunately, no buildings of such wonder spring up where I live.

There is a bookstore in my town. It is a small brick building where the shelves are old wood and very close together, so close it makes navigating with my wheelchair nearly impossible. If you spend too long in one section, (15 minutes) they can kick you out. There is nowhere to sit down and one woman works there who really shouldn't be in customer service. Still, if I want to go to a bookstore, that is my only choice.
Can you see why I dream?

Have you ever been to an excellent bookstore? If so, where was it?


  1. How I love bookstores so huge it tires me out to walk through 1/3 of it. We used to have one called 'Media Play'. It had books and software. I loved it. It closed. We have some huge Barnes and Nobels here. One has two floors! It has a cafe and often holds signings and meetings. I could wander all day - and the rows are wide enough for your wheelchair. Someday, Miss Tiny Town, you will get one.

  2. That book store sounds really inhospitable to people. Yuck.

  3. Michael: Trust me, it is. It is even worse for people in wheelchairs. My best friend and I used to go there when she would come over for the day. We're not going there now. (She's disabled, too.)

    DM: You sure know just what I'm talking about! It is nice to know those kind of bookstores are out there, for someone!

  4. I used to love going to the borders by my house but it closed last year. :( We have a Barnes and Nobles near by but it just isn't the same. I'd love a smaller indie type book store but there aren't any close enough for me to enjoy. I'm pretty much stuck ordering books online.

  5. If I need to own a book, online is where I shop as well. I just don't see the positives of being in a cramped little store where the help doesn't live up to their name.

    The library is still my first stop for reading material. Thank goodness we have a nice library here.