Books that Fall Apart

Have you ever read a book until the type was faded and the cover was separating from the pages?

I love books I can read over and over again. Unfortunately, I hardly have any in my whole history of reading. I watch certain movies more than once so I don't know why books don't get the same treatment.
I reread more books when I was younger than I do now. Is it because I grew out of them or that I search for new stuff more often?

One of the only books I reread is the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. The whole book contains poems about different people who live in a small town and their lives, secrets, and lies. It is poetic gossip. Some of the lines in there still haunt my thoughts.

What are the books you can't leave alone?


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  1. Every year, I reread the HP series. I've read 'The Odyssey' many times, Edgar Allan Poe's poetry, Narmia. Oh heck. I reread lots of books.