Saturday Questions (April 9th)

Which flower is your favorite?

How old were you in your first memory?

What was your favorite toy as a child?


  1. My favorite flower is the lilac.

    My first memory of myself is about 2 years old when my mother gave my crib away.

    I loved this little rubber clown that my dog bit a hole in, and a nun doll.

  2. Interesting toys, Donna!
    I grew up on a farm with lilac trees and I love the smell.

  3. My favorite flower is the rose.
    My first memory of myself is about two or three and spending special moments with my grandfather.
    My favorite toy as a child was of course dolls. I loved them.

  4. 1. Orchid
    2. When I danced on stage and blew a spontaneous kiss to the audience for no reason
    3. Favorite toy was a Ninja Turtle (I was a tomboy), haha

    What about you??

  5. 1. Carnation but others are nice, too.

    2. I don't quite remember how old but it was before I was two. My mom was playing with me on her bed and I was in diapers.

    3. I loved many toys, including a Hulk Hogan doll. But I think my favorite was a yo-yo.

  6. 1.Orchid
    2. My 5th birthday. I've always wondered why I can't remember anything before that.
    3. My My Little Pony.